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A few weeks ago, I posted an Usagi/Mamoru manifesto over at [ profile] ship_manifesto. While I was writing it, [ profile] goddess_of_ice was a doll and motivated me every day. So when she asked me if I could upload the Sailormoon manga, I said DEFINITELY. :D

This is the entire first "season" of the Sailormoon saga and the second season is this way. I'm going to try to get the other three seasons up by the weekend, but no promises. The issues are organized into folders and they're all JPEGs. I may try to convert them into a pdf in the future to make for easy reading.

Please comment if you're taking it, this took me forever to track down, download and re-upload, so it'd be great to know that you want it and that you like it. :) Please don't share the link without letting me know first. Thank you!

Oh, and did I mention I LOVE YOU

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There goes any chance of a productive day for me :DDDDD

thank you!

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I can't wait to read this again :)

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Why does no one ask me about manga things before they spend so much time. T___T You are such a sweetie.

You can also read the newer version as it is coming out (someone who is translating it the right way... sorry TP you failed) here: I haven't managed to finish the download for the one you put up... so I don't know which version you have.

Also, most manga comes out in jpg or png. LOL It is probably much easier to get eveyrone to download this free program: This program will read zip and rar files with out you unpacking them. MUCH better than pdf's and way easier on you.

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Thank you soo much! I lost my download of the full season, and now I can read it again! yay!

You're the best!

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oh my gosh really?!
ahhhh this makes my heart go *doki doki doki*
i'm so excited thank you so much!!
i'm really happy ^0^

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Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! Now I can finally read the manga version of the famous story.
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Downloaded, thanks. ^^

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Taking. :)

Are the other seasons in a locked post or have you not got around to them yet?