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It's Monday night. Only four more days until The Office season five premiere and since I'm such a veteran procrastinator, I've decided to talk about why I love this show so much.

If someone were to ask me to finish the sentence "I love the Office because...", I would answer with the following:
-Jaaaaaaaaaaaam! (this includes Jim AND Pam separately)
-The amazing writing
-The talented ensemble

Four days, four reasons to love this show. Let's talk Jam!

NO SPOILERS, I promise.

Jam. Oh man. When I think about Jam, I just turn into a ball of mush. I mean, honestly, I don't know how anyone who's watched this show religiously doesn't turn into mush when the topic of Jam comes up.

My love for Jam is not rooted in simply the couple, however. I remember starting the show back in October of last year, knowing about the Jim and Pam angle, but I never thought I'd actually fall in love with both of them. They're two of the most refreshing characters on television today and even with all the angst of the first three seasons, I can't help but just smile when I think about them.

Jim Halpert only had to look at the camera once for me to fall head over heels in love. I love him so much that I defend him to my mother constantly, as if he were my boyfriend. She thinks that he's just a slacker who doesn't deserve the position he has at Dunder Mifflin. Friends of mine tell me that he's just a puppy dog sniffing after Pam, but I disagree. Jim is a man who knows what he wants and what he needs, but he's also the kind of man who would never impose those wants and needs on anyone; he loves Pam so deeply, but if staying with Roy makes her happy, he's willing to just stay in the sidelines.

My love for Pam, on the other hand, grew slowly but surely. I wasn't really sure if I liked her at first, since she was so obviously oblivious to Jim's love for her. She was just this little mousy girl who was shy and had a horrible boyfriend. But Pam's true nature, the crazy prank-playing, always-laughing Pam came through pretty quickly and by the third episode, I was writing up a letter to Jenna Fischer asking her to be my best friend.

Season 1 Jim broke my heart a lot. His love for Pam just came through in every scene and yet, he never came across as desperate. From Diversity Day and its adorable sleeping!Pam moment to the joint Jam prank against Dwight in The Alliance to Jim's obvious desire to impress Pam in Basketball to his attempt at making Pam jealous by dating Katy in Hot Girl, Jim in season 1 was just this sweet, amazing man who wriggled his way into my heart from the very first silly face.

Pam in season 1 was just this adorable woman who loved so much but received so little love in return. It was clear from the first episode that Jim and Pam belonged together, but I love how the writers tried to make it clear that Pam had some emotional and mental hoops to jump through before they could be together. I firmly believe that s1!Pam didn't know that she deserved better than Roy and so she didn't pursue Jim. However, I don't believe she didn't know that Jim loved her; maybe she didn't know of the intensity of this love, but hello, the man lives and breathes your name, Pam, I think he might be into you.

I'm glad that the show got the whole I'll-date-someone-to-make-her-jealous thing out of the way. DON'T tell me that they repeated it with Karen. I'll explain why I don't think they did that when I get to season 3. I can't help but love Katy-Amy Adams is 49 kinds of awesome and cute, thank you very much-, even though she made Pam 2401 kinds of uncomfortable. I think Jim at this point in the season is just frustrated; he was all sweaty and hot and jaslj;fsadlkfjsdjflsd-worthy in Basketball and she totally didn't notice. (I noticed, Jim. Believe me, I noticed.) So it's perfectly understandable that he would try making Pam jealous. I didn't like it, but I understand it.

Season 2, which I heard was told from Jim's perspective, is probably my favorite season Jam-wise. I know, I know: BUT SEASON 4 HAD JAM KISSES! AND HAND-HOLDING! AND GENERAL CUTENESS FTW JFDLKAJFSDLKJLSKAJA KEYBOARD SMASH OF CUTENESS! Believe me, I know that. I think I broke my poor iTunes playing all the Jam scenes from season 4 in the last 6 months. But seriously, how can any Jam lover ignore the incredible Jammy goodness of season 2?

The Dundies was the perfect way to start the season. The audience comes from this "Oh my God, what is Jim DOING?! AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE IN LOVE WITH PAM?!" low and suddenly, Pam is chugging margaritas and Jim is being all worried and cute and OH MY GOD, SHE KISSED HIM! JASKFJDSAKLFJASD;JFKDJSA DID SHE-SHE DID-OHMIGOD JAM KISS! Cue the rabid fangirling. According to iTunes, I've seen this episode 16 times since last December. I doubt I'll stop there. Their relationship in season 2 was just so volatile and yet stable. Sure, there were fights-Jim asking Pam what she wants in Boys and Girls made me tear up a little-but you can't tell me that that's not a staple of any healthy relationship. Jim clearly reached a point where he was ready to throw everything to the wind, especially after Michael revealing his biggest secret in the appropriately-named episode The Secret.

I'm going to draw a parallel here that I don't remember seeing mentioned on any comms: if season 3 was Pam growing and gaining confidence, I think season 2 was Jim's turn at it. Jim started off with this mopey kind of attitude, dating Katy and watching Pam be with Roy. Then after The Secret, we start to see this braver Jim who was daring enough to call their rooftop dinner a date and tell Pam to go after what she wants. Casino Night, much like Beach Games, was Jim's crowning moment, even when Pam rejected him. That episode showed the audience just how much Jim has changed from that passive watcher into a man who is willing to take chances and sacrifice everything to just tell this woman that he loves her. I think Jim's development in season 2 led him to his subsequent growth in season 4; who can forget that awesomely douchey voicemail he left on Ryan's phone in Goodbye Toby?

I don't have much to say about s2!Pam, as I do agree that season 2 was Jim all the way, but I still loved Pam. Dundies was just an amazing Pam episode and I think all the pain and heartache that Pam went through in this season set her up for season 3 and her growth there. This is going to be slightly repetitive, but it's better than what my mind's really telling me to do-KEYBOARD SMASH OF CUTENESS!

One thing I remember from s2!Pam is her interaction with the camera. There were lots of Pam!looks to the camera and of course, E-Mail Surveillance was a great Pam episode. I love how comfortable Pam feels with Jim, so much so that she actually goes into his room and is okay with the camera catching her there. Pam's interaction with the camera really showed her indecision and general confusion with Jim's increasing attention, which I think was important for Casino Night. It helped lead up to Pam's rejection, something that pained me at the time, but looking back, I don't think s2!Pam was ready for Jim at that point. She was still the quiet, shy girl who would rather not shake the status quo, even at the risk of her own happiness, something that s2!Jim might not have taken to very well.

Moving to season I don't really know what else I can say about s3 except HOLY SHIT PAM WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?! Gay Witch Hunt really broke my heart, especially after the MUTUAL Jam kiss in Casino Night. I did not like Jim too much in the first half of this season, but unlike a lot of fans, I don't hate him. I think he was just trying to deal with a rejection that he hoped and hoped wouldn't happen and unfortunately, he became an asshole.

I can't talk about season 3 without talking about Karen. Karen, in my opinion, was necessary. I DON'T think that Jim was trying to make Pam jealous by dating Karen. I think Jim was just trying to be happy without Pam. Now all of us wise Jammers know that that's impossible, but you have to give the guy some credit for trying. I remember reading on [ profile] office_meta that Jim and Karen are cute in a you-are-awesome-friends-please-ceast-and-desist-with-the-sex kind of way and I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY AGREE. I love Karen, she's awesome, but she does not belong with Jim in the same way that Pam belongs with Jim and that's that.

The Job...oh God. I think I woke my family up screaming when I saw this episode in its entirety. I'd heard about the amazing second-to-the-last scene before I watched the episode, but it didn't take away from the excitement and happiness. After that scene, I fully believed that Jim and Pam could finally be happy in a way that s1 and s2 Jam couldn't have been.

Season 4, however short it was, was a Jammer's dream come true. I know a lot of fans weren't happy with the show's development in season 4, but I'm a glass-half-full kind of girl and I took what I got and what I got was lots of Jam. If I were to talk about all the Jammy goodness in this season, this entry would double in size. I'm not even kidding. I think the highlights would have to be:

-hand-holding in Fun Run
-cute kiss on the cheek in Dunder Mifflin Infinity
-"My boyfriend's twelve years old." SHE SAID BOYFRIEND! courtesy of The Deposition
-exchanging "Babes" and singing to Hunter's creepy-ass song after the Dinner Party
-"Take my hand and let's go" before Stanley says something scarier than Did I Stutter?
-Jim practically mauling Pam when she comes back from the Job Fair
-"I'm going to propose tonight!" "Is Jim going to propose tonight? He is, isn't he? He's he?" "I really thought Jim was going to propose tonight." JIM AND PAM HOW DO YOU BREAK MY HEART AND MAKE ME WANT TO HAVE A THREESOME WITH YOU AT THE SAME TIME? I didn't even get to say Goodbye, Toby.

In conclusion, Jim and Pam are awesome and if I don't get a proposal this season, I might have to give up this show for my health. I CANNOT KEEP DEALING WITH THESE PALPITATIONS EVERY TIME JIM COMES NEAR PAM'S DESK OKAY OFFICE WRITERS?

Wow. I'm sorry if that was tl;dr, but believe me, I didn't know I had this much stuff to say when I started this post. I don't do this often anyway, so whatever. I'll see you guys tomorrow, when we discuss Dwangela and their love of rules and each other.

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wow. that was amazing and i agree with you on everything. *bows down and praises*

They. are. adorable. I want a Jim.

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Thank you! <3 I never planned on doing something like this, but after talking to a few friends both online and irl about why I love Jam so much, I just couldn't help myself.

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yeah. it's so hard not to just get completely head-over-heels excited whenever they are together. you just know something adorable is going to happen.

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I couldn't agree more with everything you said in this post.
They are THE cutest onscreen couple EVER !!

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Thank you!

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Though Dwangela might come first in my line-up of favorite office couples you nailed ALL the right reasons why Jam makes my heart beat fifty times fast.

<3 I love the Jam!

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Aw, thanks! I tried to be as far-reaching as I could, even with my mind going "dude, shut up and SQUEE okay?!" <3

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"dude, shut up and SQUEE okay?!" <3
Lol. My mind does that A LOT :)

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Oh. My. God.

This whole analysis of the Jim-Pam epic love story saga (and I exaggerate like this because I love them so intensely) is PERFECTION. unnnnh Marry me, now. I love you and your mind.

I totally agree with you about the Jim/Karen thing. Ok, I have to admit that at first I HATED Filipelli with the fire of a thousand suns. And, I just wanted to attack with a Scranton branch stapler. But, the truth is that she and Jim ARE really great friends, and unfortunately, they really screwed that up with the sexing. :(

OH! Remind me to tell you about how my ex boyfriend reeled me in with talk of Jim/Pam and then proceeded to break my heart with Jim/Pam. That asshole.

I HATE COLLEGE OK. I'm never online to catch you and I miss you like CRAZY. This isn't fair. :'( ily twinny

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i really enjoyed reading that. you're awesome

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And..............that is why Jam is my favorite onscreen couple ever!

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Wow, I really enjoyed reading this. And I agree with everythihng you said 100%! But I feel the need to add a few more Jam scenes in season 4

-The "Dwight and Angela have been dating for 2 months." "Nooo, they're been dating for like...2 YEARS" (I watched all of season 4 online, and for some reason they cut that scene out...when I noticed it on the DVDs, I went CRAZY!
-Pretty much all of Local Ad...including the deleted scenes.
-"Pam, will you wait for me one second, while I tie my shoe"
-"Do you know what would energize me greatly?" "NO, no if you propose to me during a Michael meeting, I will say no"

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I loved this. They are my OTP, for sure. I can't imagine loving another ship anywhere near as much.

I agree with almost everything you said. Just two little things:

I don't think Jim originally dated Katy to make Pam jealous. He asked her out after the Pam/Roy lovefest on his desk (so awkward), and I think at that point, like with Karen, he was really just trying to move away from the drama - as you said, be happy without Pam (because it clearly wasn't going anywhere). Of course, it did make her jealous, and that was an added bonus (and would have been part of the reason why he kept her around so long).

but if staying with Roy makes her happy, he's willing to just stay in the sidelines.

Staying with Roy wasn't making her happy anyway, so there's not much point in me saying this. But I don't think Jim was ever willing to stay on the sidelines. I think his silence was due to a lack of courage, a fear of losing her completely and just a complete lack of comprehension as to how to deal with the situation. I don't think he'd ever have been willing to sit by and wave her off on her honeymoon, even if Roy had been the greatest fiance ever (*snort*). His 'I'm in love with you' confession was all about telling her how he felt, as though he just couldn't keep it in anymore. I could see him snapping and making the same confession whether Pam was happy with Roy or not.

Right on about Karen! I loved her, and I felt so awful for her, but she had to go. I think as well as Jim trying to be happy without Pam, Karen served the purpose of a buffer. The Casino Night showdown was so heartbreakingly painful for him, I think he felt he needed that coming back to Scranton. He wanted to protect himself. To just reunite with Pam and have everything be as it was was too hard for him to contemplate.

And yeah, he acted like an asshole (on multiple levels, with both of them. Why didn't he break up with Karen when he admitted he still had feelings for Pam, instead of dragging her along for the rest of the season? More to the point, why didn't KAREN break up with him? He should never have made her come to Scranton in the first place), but he's Jim. I can forgive my bb anything.

Anywho, awesome recap!

And add this to the S4 adorable moments: HOW AWESOME WAS THE BRANCH WARS DELETED SCENE?

'Was it worth it, Jim? Was she worth it?'

'Yes, she was'

I just about died. Pam's grin was so adorable <3