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Okay, review time! ALSO HI NEW DEFAULT. I know, I know, I have become a default whore, but this is worth it.

Cold open: as soon as Dwight said "I reserve the right to peel my hard-boiled eggs at my desk" I knew things were going to get gross. Then my brain conjured up an image of Dwight peeling his "eggs" at his desk. Clearly my mind knows the best way to throw down on Mindy Kaling.

Michael was all kinds of adorable during this entire episode, I won't even lie. He feels that Jim and Pam's wedding is one of the most important days in his life. Actually, it probably is. Oh Michael.

CAN I JUST SAY I HAVE MISSED ANGELA'S BITING SARCASM? I feel like we lost Angela last season during that awkward love triangle thing. :/

Kelly and Erin jamming to their iPods are all kinds of cute! Although Andy ruined that scene with mentions of how Erin smells like his mom. I'm scared now.

I LOVED the "mental picture" theme! It's just so perfectly JAM and simple and sweet. :')

The only thing that Dwight's "seduction" CD did for me was make me want to vomit. I wonder what kind of woman would actually enjoy that. ...Why did Jan pop into my head?


OMG WHOAAAAAAAA when did Stanley get married again? I'm a little upset ngl, because I can't stand it when people do that irl. :|

Pam's grandma scares me. Like, a lot. Pam's mom scares me too. I miss s2!Pam's mom! She was so sweet and funny and I hate to say it, but Pam's Mom 2.0 just seems like the type to sleep around after a divorce AND SHE PROVED ME RIGHT. Pam's sister Penny is adorable, so I forgive her for being such a fundamentalist bitch in True Blood. That whole scene with Oscar and Kevin was hilarious. "HIM?" "Oscar, I would be proud to date you."

Actually, this whole dinner was great. I've heard people on [ profile] theoffice_us complain about how it was just all too much ensemble for an episode that's supposed to be about Jim and Pam, but personally, I loved it. I thought everyone played off each other really well and showed just how far things have come since that first longing glance that Jim sent Pam back in s1. I'm also one of those people that complained about not seeing enough of the rest of the cast last season, so to have this episode makes me feel a whole lot better.

Jim's toast was the first time during the episode that I cried. In fact, as soon as he stood up, I was already teary. I loved how Jim talked about all those moments they had in previous seasons. JKras has this easy air about him that just makes you believe those emotional lines he says and ugh my heart was aching. In other words, I was Andy in this scene. ...That is the first and last time you will ever hear/read me say that.

I don't want to talk about the awkward part. You know what I'm talking about. I literally could not look at the screen while he was talking, it was that bad. And this is going on the nonexistent list of Reasons Why Jim Can Be an Idiot. DO NOT MAKE ME ADD TO THAT, HALPERT. YOU'RE ON PROBATION. Give me babies/marry Jenna Fischer irl and I'll forgive you in a heartbeat.

PAM/ANGELA SCENE! I have been waiting for this since s4 and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. :')

I hate how Mindy Kaling has made me start shipping Oscar/Kevin. STOP TEASING ME AND MY POOR EMOTIONAL HEART AND GIVE ME A GAY COUPLE THAT I CAN RELY ON. I can't even ship Erin/Andy because all I see is Andy with men. This is probably what Erin sees as well. That makes me feel better.

Erin is insane. Like, all those people saying that she's a lesbian/bipolar/a 16-year-old in a 24-year-old body? They made me believe them.

I NEVER WANT TO HEAR THE WORD SCROTUM IN MY LIFE AGAIN. Ugh, just seeing it on my screen is making me want to vomit. Like Pam, I know too much about his-THAT-and I think I never need to hear things again. But man, Andy is the only person who'd be able to do that and make me believe it actually happened. "Did I dream that you were crying through the night?" "No, no, that was real." LMFAO

"I'm ravenous after a night of lovemaking." Why does Dwight say these things and why is it that they seem totally logical when he says it?

Okay, idk what people think about Michael's painting of Jim and Pam, but I think it's perfect. It's totally Michael and honestly, I would be happy to receive something like that at my wedding. :D

Jim and Pam. Okay, here comes the rambling. I started crying as soon as I heard Pam's voice on the phone, I was that emotional, and I didn't stop until the end of the episode. The dialogue, the acting, the shots-they were all so perfect. I don't get why people are saying there weren't enough JAM scenes in their wedding episode, but as a writing student, I think Mindy Kaling did the right thing and gave us the scenes that mattered most. Oh, except for the vows. I really really really wanted to hear their wedding vows! :(

Anyway, I sobbed like a baby when Jim cut his tie. I may be considering asking any and all future boyfriends if they'd be willing to cut up parts of their clothing if mine got ruined at the wedding. Thank you, James Halpert, for raising my standards to impossible levels.

I totally called the dance-down-the-aisle! I thought the original was really kitschy and weird, but the Dunder Mifflin gang is just that insane so it was kind of perfect.


"Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her." I think this has become my favorite Jim-line ever. That scene where she's leaning her head on his shoulder and he turns to the camera and smiles...OH GOD MY OVARIES. It made all that angst and waiting worth it in the end. This is the happiest that any show has made me EVER, and now I'm kind of scared because there's not a lot to look forward to anymore. Well, okay, the baby is coming, but after February, I'll be lost. D:

In conclusion, I totally pretended that this was John and Jenna's wedding, if only to comfort my broken heart.