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A. Cecilia ([personal profile] stardustshine) wrote2009-05-21 12:45 pm
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A few weeks ago, I posted an Usagi/Mamoru manifesto over at [ profile] ship_manifesto. While I was writing it, [ profile] goddess_of_ice was a doll and motivated me every day. So when she asked me if I could upload the Sailormoon manga, I said DEFINITELY. :D

This is the entire first "season" of the Sailormoon saga and the second season is this way. I'm going to try to get the other three seasons up by the weekend, but no promises. The issues are organized into folders and they're all JPEGs. I may try to convert them into a pdf in the future to make for easy reading.

Please comment if you're taking it, this took me forever to track down, download and re-upload, so it'd be great to know that you want it and that you like it. :) Please don't share the link without letting me know first. Thank you!